Has Nicki Minaj Had Plastic Surgery – When Butts Don’t Lie

Other than Shakira, the Nicki Minaj plastic surgery saga is the topic that is most gossiped about in the industry. And when the evidence is staring us right in the eye. It is hard to miss her famous gluteous region, which she flaunts around whenever she gets a chance.


At such a young age the American Idol judge is a very famous example among all the celebrities in Hollywood for overdoing her butt region to the point where it really hurt the eye.

That’s a strange stage name though

While fan all over the world know her by her stage name, Onika Tanya Maraj was born on 8th December 1982 in Saint James and then raised in South Jamaica, Queensn New York. Continue reading

7 Celebrities Who Have Committed Crimes

Although we love musicians, actors and actresses, we never give a thought to what some of them have done in life.

Most famous celebrities have been involved in funny scandals that include serious crimes. Here are some of the celebrities who have committed crimes. On our sister site elitecelebsmag.com you can find more celebrity news.

1. Will Smith

He was arrested in 1989, after involving in an assault that almost left one man blind. He was taken to court and charged with aggravated assault. The court also concluded that he recklessly endangered another person’s life. However, later, the charges were dismissed, and he was not really detained.

2. Matthew Broderick

One of many celebrities who have committed crimes with their vehicle is Matthew Broderick. He was charged with reckless driving. Continue reading