Did Robert Redford Eat His Words?

It is said that Karma can be quite embarrassing at times. This is very true and nobody knows it better than Hollywood star, Robert Redford. He is known to have said some not so kind words with regard to the practice of Hollywood bigwigs turning to plastic surgery in the event that age catches up with them. Redford asserted that he preferred to age gracefully and would never be caught in the web of going for plastic surgery especially when the wrinkles start to appear.

Robert Redford

However, recent scrutiny of his face shows that he may have just been forced to eat his words. The 64 year old is remarkably more attractive looking than he was a couple of years before he underwent the supposed surgery. In as much as the transformation may not have been targeted at removing a couple of years from his appearance, the fact remains that he underwent plastic surgery in his mid 60’s.

Robert has always had a hooded look surrounding his eyes. This is not the case anymore and pundits and journalists alike are quick to point out the signs of having gone under the surgeon’s knife. There really is no doubt that the celebrity opted to go for an eye lift. The transformation is especially obvious on her upper eyelid. The extra skin that appeared to “hood” his eyes have been removed and his look is more rejuvenated. The lower eyelid also has seemingly been operated on as it complements the entire face.

With the hood around the eye of the celebrity alleviated, Robert looks more awake than her ever did and this somewhat has given him a new personality. Aside from the eye job done on him, it seems that the celebrity had a bit of attention given to his cheeks. Robert has had a mole on one of his cheeks. After the eye transformation, it has been easy to note that the mole is no longer there. It is even rumoured that he may have stayed at a Santa Monica clinic to recover after the surgeries were performed on him. Yet, very recently, he launched another attack on the practice of plastic surgery claiming that it ruined the looks of many stars.

As is to be expected, the celebrity is quick to deny any claims that he went under the knife to bring his sexy out! His publicist vehemently denied that he went through any procedure to revamp his appearance.

Perhaps the good thing about plastic surgery is the fact that the results and new appearance will always speak for themselves.

Even when an individual denies having had a procedure done on him, with comparison of before and after pictures, it is easy to discern where the truth lies. The case of Redford is a case in point. Sometimes it beats all logic that a celebrity should deny a procedure that has given him a new lease of life. Redford’s eye improvement was to some, a necessity and not just another cosmetic process.