7 Celebrities Who Have Committed Crimes

Although we love musicians, actors and actresses, we never give a thought to what some of them have done in life.

Most famous celebrities have been involved in funny scandals that include serious crimes. Here are some of the celebrities who have committed crimes. On our sister site elitecelebsmag.com you can find more celebrity news.

1. Will Smith

He was arrested in 1989, after involving in an assault that almost left one man blind. He was taken to court and charged with aggravated assault. The court also concluded that he recklessly endangered another person’s life. However, later, the charges were dismissed, and he was not really detained.

2. Matthew Broderick

One of many celebrities who have committed crimes with their vehicle is Matthew Broderick. He was charged with reckless driving. While roaming around Northern Ireland in his holiday trip, Mathew got involved in a car accident. He carelessly crossed over the other lane and then collided head-on with another vehicle. Unfortunately, both the driver and passenger in the vehicle died.

Matthew Broderick

Immediately after the incident, Broderick was charged with the death. Later on, the ruling was turned down, and a moderate one brought on board. He was only convicted of a small charge – reckless driving, and was fined $175.

3. Tim Allen

In 1978, Tim Allen was convicted for owning more than 600 grams of cocaine. He was only 25 years of age by then. He ended up in prison and served a sentence that lasted two years.

Tim Allen

Later, in 1997, Allen was arrested again for careless driving and drug abuse. He was sentenced to a one-year imprisonment, as well as a rehabilitation program to bring him back on track.

4. Mark Wahlberg

At the age of 16, Mark Wahlberg tackled two Vietnamese with a wooden stick. It was a furious and a serious fight that left one of them blind in one eye.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark was charged with attempted murder, and was sentenced to serve two years in prison. We don’t know how, but Wahlberg never served the entire two years – he only stayed for 45 days in prison.

5. Bill Gates

Another one of many celebrities who have committed crimes while driving is Bill Gates. He was charged with speeding offense, as well as driving without a license in 1975.

Bill Gates

However, the mistake was bearable – he wasn’t detained. Two years later, he was arrested again for driving without a license and not adhering to the road signs.

6. Nick Pickard

Nick was arrested in 2012 for drink drive. After an intensive interrogation, Nick Pickard admitted that he was guilty and was fined £850.

Nick Pickard

In addition, he was banned from driving for up to 12 months.

7. Jay Z

As he was struggling to rise up and gain popularity in 1999, Jay Z disagreed with one of the record executives, got angry and initiated a fight.

Jay Z

In the process, he drew out his hidden knife and stabbed the man. He pled guilty to an assault charge, and was forcefully given three years of probation.