Casual Day Out

casual day out

Hey yaaa! How’s everybody been? I hope you’re all well and having a great October, which by the way has passed so damn fast I have no idea where the time went. Today I’m finally bringing to you a little fashion post! Even though it’s just an outfit of the day, you gotta start somewhere right?

In the past few weeks I’ve been feeling really inspired fashion wise. I guess I’m starting to have the guts to try things that I’ve never tried before and all of a sudden feeling a tad daring and out there. Surprisingly, I’ve been loving it and I hope I can keep this up! Today I just went for a simple and casual look but I hope you all love it because I had fun throwing this together.

casual day out1

White Cropped Bralet – Glassons

If you know me, you’d know that I hardly ever or never wear crop tops. It’s not really for a particular reason and I don’t have anything against them but I just prefer not to due to. However, I had this lying around in my closet for quite a while now and I had only worn it once for a friend’s 21st so I thought that pairing it with a pair of really high waisted jeans and a long and baggy cardigan would draw the attention away from how cropped and low cut it was.

Cream Cardigan – Forever 21 (It belongs to my sister!)

One of the perks of having two older sisters who are around the same size as you, is being able to borrow their clothes (more like steal, whoops!). I absolutely adore this cardigan and I think that it’s the perfect colour to throw on any outfit due to the fact that it’s so neutral. It’s really nice and warm and I think it’d be perfect for winter/fall too.

High Waisted Skinny Jeans – H&M

I bought these jeans when I was in Malaysia a while back and I love them. They’re so versatile and easy to match with any cropped top or jumper. I really like the way H&M sizes their jeans and I’m in love with the way it clings in all the right places too

Accessories & Shoes

As for shoes, I’m wearing a pair of heeled sandals that I bought from a thrift store for only $12.00 and they’re by the brand London Rebel. I hardly ever wear heels due to the fact that I’m already pretty tall and tower over most of my friends. However, this year I decided that I’m totally going to embrace how tall I am and start to wear more heels but mostly heeled boots and things like that.

I should have probably taken a few photos close up but on my neck I have a simple gold chain necklace that I bought from H&M a while ago and rings stacked across all my fingers and I can’t remember where most of my rings are from for the life of me!

I know this post was really short and the quality of photos aren’t too great but I promise it’ll get better! Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you want me to do more fashion posts.